TM Residence (2012)

Architectural Study: Diarchon SA
Location: Afidnon, Athens - Greece

The design of this luxury residence commenced in 2008. A great number of revisions were made since then in order to design in absolute high level of detail each part of the main facilities and the landscaping. The property is located in the community of Afidnon [Aphidnae], in the Attica prefecture.

It is said that in the village Aphidnae, the king of Athens Theseus hid beautiful Helen of Sparta when he abducted her when she was still a very young woman, long time before Paris, Prince of Troy, abducted her again to start the known war among Greeks.

The property consists of three main buildings for residential use and five auxiliary buildings for serving purposes and the large landscape. The property with relevant interventions was configured to level. About 600 trees were planted, including more notably Cypresses, Cedars of Lebanon, Willows, Olives, Toulipwood trees, Mulberry trees and a small vineyard. The main buildings are connected underground, through a corridor and the parking area. It should be noted that apart from the expected mechanical facilities, a geothermal installation underneath the mini soccer court offers the ability of complete heating or cooling for the main buildings, without other help, when the outside temperature is between 4-34 degrees Celsius.

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