Nikea Flats & Maisonettes (2023)
Interior Design: Elina Chatzichronoglou
Location: Nikea, Greece
This project concerns the apartments of an eight-story building, with a small area per level, in the heart of Nikea, a western suburb of Piraeus. The first four levels provide floor apartments, while the remaining pairs of the subsequent floors form two maisonettes. The 3D presentations are a commitment regarding the building materials to be used in the apartments and define the specification list of the project manager. Based on this commitment, the prospective buyer then has the option to choose the final combining in coloring of each space. The aim of these decoration proposals was to appeal to all age groups and possible aesthetic desires, without them to belong on tested and predetermined standards or guidelines.
The Floor Apartments

The Maisonette on floors 5 & 6

The Maisonette on floors 7 & 8

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